Recovery Houses

The Voices of Hope Recovery Houses Mission is

To provide a safe, structured, and supportive environment that develops: life skills, healthy relationships, recovery networks, and ethical principles that are person-centered to individualize the recovery process.

Our Vision is

That every individual maintaining recovery has the skills, resources, and necessary support to live a well balanced life; and now has the confidence to become a successful member of society.

Tour our Men’s Recovery House

Voices of Hope operates 2 recovery houses in Elkton, Maryland. One for men and one for women who are seeking stabilization and supports in recovery. VoH strives to provide wrap around services to help individuals overcome barriers to long term recovery, encourage holistic health and wellness and provide family reunification supports. Residents are given assistance to find the recovery pathway that will work best for their lives in the long term and are given the resources to follow that path. Each resident will develop a recovery plan with a Peer Recovery Specialist, create goals and integrate a healthy lifestyle that the resident chooses. Trauma Specialists meet with friends and family members to create a reunification and wellness plan for long term success. All houses have a structured schedule and each resident has a personalized recovery plan. VoH houses are Certified through the Maryland Certification of Recovery Residences (MCORR) and accepts Maryland Recovery Net (MDRN) Funding through Care Coordination at the Cecil County Health Department.

Resident Criteria: Voices of Hope Recovery Housing residents are motivated to engage, learn, and participate in their recovery pathway. Individuals who can identify short term and long term recovery goals and are willing to receive support to achieve them are ideal candidates for VoH Recovery Housing. The only true criteria for VoH Recovery Houses residents is a desire to be supported in a structured recovery housing program, be willing to follow policy and procedures and build a solid foundation in the local recovery community.  Residents cannot have previous sexual assault and/or child endangerment/abuse convictions or have been convicted of arson. Please review the application below. If you are interested in becoming a resident, call (443) 993-7055 and schedule a tour – we would love to show you the place!

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