Wound Care on VoH Outreach

Wounds resulting from chaotic drug use can prevent individuals from entering treatment. Stigmatizing health care professionals can unknowingly create a barrier for people needing health care. Thanks to the Maryland Department of Health, Center for Harm Reduction Services, we have been funded to utilize a Certified Wound Care Nurse to visit individuals with wounds in the community. Jason treats his patients with respect and dignity, incorporating a trauma-informed care approach. He has visited participants who face serious infections and some who even risk amputation. The results have been better than expected. Here are some remarks from the wife of one of Jason’s recent patients:

“Thank you so much for everything, it already looks a million times better!!! Next time we change the wrap, I’ll send you a picture so you can see how much better it already looks! But thank you for everything, you are a good man…and we appreciate everything you have done for XXX, you definitely may have saved his life and I would be lost without him…so I am indebted to you! I will do anything I can to help Voices of Hope to help you guys get funds and supplies and all that…I always believe in karma. What goes around, comes around and I will definitely pass your good karma along…Once again, thank you for everything and most of all for treating my husband like a human being, not like trash just because he is an addict. Today, he threw away all his points [syringes] and said he is never shooting up again. It is like he has a new mind set to take care of himself and get off this garbage. I believe you are part of that reason and I can’t thank you enough!!!”

We are grateful for funding and the support of our community to care for people who use drugs, give hope and make a difference. Treating all people with respect allows individuals to make choices that are best for themselves and their families. Voices of Hope strives to remove barriers to treatment and recovery, one person at a time.

Thank you, Jason – for all you do and how you do it!

Jason works full time at a large hospital in Baltimore. This painting was given to Jason from Steve Derrick, from NY. Steve has been painting portraits of frontline folks during the pandemic. Check out his Instagram for more portraits = Sderrick_bunkerboy.

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