Voices of Hope Management Team Gathers for Senior Retreat

The upper management team of Voices of Hope embarked on a weekend retreat aimed at fostering collaboration, strategic planning, and professional development. The retreat, held at North Bay Adventures in North East, Maryland, provided the leadership team with a unique opportunity to reflect on their program’s growth, address challenges, and solidify their collective commitment to Voices of Hope’s mission and vision.

A significant portion of the retreat was dedicated to reflection over the past few years. Each team member had the opportunity to share their personal and professional insights, highlighting the successes and challenges faced over that time, and what their vision of the future is for their respective programs. Voices of Hope’s growth since 2018 has been immense, with new programs like our Christiana Care Hospital Peer program starting in 2023. With new growth comes new challenges and Voices of Hope is confident that this team is well equipped to navigate the challenges ahead.

Voices of Hope management also took part in team building activities offered by North Bay Adventures. The management team braved the High Ropes, something that a few of our team members hadn’t taken part in before.

Team members braved the High Ropes while our Cecil and Harford Programs Supervisors, along with our Executive Director cheered them on from below.

As the retreat concluded, the management team left with a renewed and a strategic plan for the future. Voices of Hope eagerly anticipates the positive ripple effects of this retreat on our mission and vision, as the team returns with enhanced collaboration and a strengthened commitment to creating lasting change for our community and beyond.

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