Voices of Hope, Inc. Participates in Maryland Harm Reduction Summit

Members of Voices of Hope attended the Maryland Harm Reduction Summit today.  One member participated on a panel discussing her experience as a previous sex worker.  Voices of Hope plans on using our knowledge, skill and experiences to perform outreach in our most disadvantaged communities in Cecil County.  Through harm reduction practices and trauma informed care principles, we hope to build relationships that will lead to healthier choices, prevent disease and early death while promoting behavioral health treatment and recovery.

The Maryland Harm Reduction Summit on June 28, 2018 will bring together community members, policymakers, health and social service providers to focus on non-judgmental, harm reduction approaches to individuals seeking care at any stage in their recovery. Topics include racial justice, trauma, and harm reduction, strengthening systems of care, and integration of harm reduction into substance use disorder treatment settings, among others.

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