Voices of Hope Hosts Annual Overdose Vigil

August 31st marks the end of Overdose Awareness Month and Voices of Hope’s Annual Overdose Awareness Vigil has been a staple event held to commemorate the lives of those who have succumbed to drug or alcohol overdoses and advocate for the families of those victims whose voices need to be heard.

Through storytelling and the sharing of personal experiences, our community gains a deeper understanding of the complexity of addiction. This understanding can lead to increased empathy and support for individuals in recovery, encouraging them to seek treatment and get the help they need. By providing a platform for individuals and families to openly discuss their experiences, Voices of Hope’s Overdose Vigil helps combat the shame and secrecy that often surrounds substance use disorders.

In a world where the opioid epidemic continues to take a devastating toll on individuals and families, Voices of Hope’s Annual Overdose Vigil is a beacon of hope, offering support, education, and a vision for a future where addiction is treated with understanding, empathy, and every person who suffers knows that they are not alone.

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