Voices of Hope-Cecil County Harm Reduction, “Saving Life and Limb”

Voices of Hope was featured this past Sundays edition of the Baltimore Sun, in an article titled “Saving Life and Limb.” The article highlighted the partnership between our Cecil County Harm Reduction team and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg through the Rapid Analysis of Drug (or RAD) program; a pilot testing program that focuses on reducing harm for people who inject drugs.

Jason Bienert, Wound Care Nurse, (Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun)

Through the RAD program, our Cecil County Harm Reduction team has been able to better respond to meet the wound care and harm reduction needs of the communities we serve. This level of engagement is supported through our Syringe Service Program, that allows us to meet directly with people who inject drugs, build relationships, and meet their medical needs caused by injection wounds.

Chris Grapes and Steve Hall sort supplies. (Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun)

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