VoH Executive Director Completes MD Syringe Service Training

Nicola Barteau, Voices of Hope’s Executive Director, recently completed the Maryland Harm Reduction Services course. This 10-week program was sponsored by the State of Maryland.  By completing this training, she can now train our volunteers to better understand trauma and help us to assist others in Cecil County.

She is currently attending the Maryland Harm Reduction Summit with other leaders from Voices of Hope.  The Maryland Harm Reduction Summit on June 28 will bring together community members, policymakers, health and social service providers to focus on non-judgmental, harm reduction approaches to individuals seeking care at any stage in their recovery. Topics include racial justice, trauma, and harm reduction, strengthening systems of care, and integration of harm reduction into substance use disorder treatment settings, among others.

We believe this training and certification will allow VoH to perform our Outreach services with principles that will help, not harm, those we serve.

Go Nicola!!!

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