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As part of our campaign against stigma in our community, we are sharing real stories of real people in recovery. If you are in the helping profession, know that you have the power to change lives. Believe in recovery, it is real and happening all around us. Sometimes, all that gets news coverage is the bad stuff, the painful stuff, that can result from addiction. Yet, there are people who are choosing recovery every day. We get to witness the blessings of recovery and we want to share it with you. This is Steve, who helps many in our community through his empathy, compassion and action.

Hi my name is Steve Hall.  I started out at the young age of 12 fighting in school and always being in trouble with the law. My addiction started shortly after which in time landed me in jail for two years. After coming home I realized it was time for change. I got myself into the methadone program and worked to better myself and to be the dad I wanted to be to my amazing daughter. While working on myself and trying to do the right thing I had trouble getting a job with my history and lost two close relatives. I noticed so many people around were dying and I knew then that I wanted to help others around me live a better life. 
 So at a funeral, I spoke with a friend that put me in touch with Voices of Hope. I started volunteering there and met some amazing people! In time I started working part time and now work here full time helping others in our community.  I am so thankful for the opportunity Voices of Hope has given me to help in the community and with my family. I am now engaged to my amazing lady and we are raising our 11 year old daughter in a happy home. 

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