This is recovery: Karen

Voices of Hope is sharing real stories of real people in recovery as part of a campaign against stigma towards those struggling with substance use disorder. With low barrier access to treatment and recovery supports in our community, people do get better and become productive members of society. Meet Karen, who uses her experience, strength and hope to help people find and maintain long term recovery.

I am Karen. I am 37 years old , a single mom to my 16 year old son Dominic. 

My addiction and mental health issues start at a very young age. I have done a lot of bad things in my life when I was out there using. 

I was sick of living, I was lost and broken with no hope. I was a very bad mother to my son. I was a sick person struggling with addictions and I was also struggling mentally and emotionally. One day I became so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I didn’t want to be this person anymore. I wanted help and I needed help. But I just didn’t think I could stop living the life I was living. 

One day I became willing to get some help and went into treatment. But unfortunately I didn’t stay in treatment. I really wasn’t ready yet. So I went back out to drink and drug for another two years. I was so sick once again, 

But one day recovery found me it hit me right in my face. Today I am a person in recovery with long term sobriety. The woman I am today is amazing , today I can be a mother , a friend , a daughter, an aunt. I can be anything I want to be today because of my recovery. I found hope and love again. I am blessed today to live a happy and healthy life today and set the example for other people coming into recovery or already in recovery . 

Never lose hope, you’re never alone fighting this disease. Here’s my hand reaching out to you today. 

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