This is recovery: Jerah

In a campaign to combat stigma in our community, Voices of Hope is sharing real stories of real people in recovery. No matter how bad it may seem, people do get better and become productive members of our community. Every person struggling with a health condition deserves dignity and respect from health care workers – with the belief that people do recover. We DO. Thank you, Jerah, for stepping up to be a face and voice of recovery!

During active addiction I used Meth and Fentanyl.  I lost both of my children to the state and I was homeless.  I contracted Hepatitis C and had many stays in the hospital due to infections.  After sleeping on the handicap ramp behind the PNC Bank in Elkton, MD I finally hit rock bottom.  I came into the Voices of Hope Crisis Center in a meth induced psychosis.  The peers there helped coordinate treatment for me . That was the beginning of this wonderful, yet tough at times, journey.  Over a year later I have regained full custody of both of my children.  I have my own apartment with my boyfriend, who is also in long term recovery.  Today I work at Voices of Hope doing harm reduction.  I also work at Brantwood Family Services where I had resided after treatment and successfully graduated from their 10 month program.  I wake up everyday and want to be an adult and a friend and a mother in recovery.

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  1. To my beautiful daughter Jerah Lynn

    The Oak Tree

    A mighty wind blew night and day.

    It stole the Oak Tree’s leaves away.

    Then snapped its boughs

    and pulled its bark

    until the Oak was tired and stark.

    But still the Oak Tree held its ground

    while other trees fell all around.

    The weary wind gave up and spoke,

    How can you still be standing Oak?”

    The Oak Tree said, I know that you

    can break each branch of mine in two,

    carry every leaf away,

    shake my limbs and make me sway.

    But I have roots stretched in the earth,

    growing stronger since my birth.

    You’ll never touch them, for you see

    they are the deepest part of me.

    Until today, I wasn’t sure

    of just how much I could endure.

    But now I’ve found with thanks to you,

    I’m stronger than I ever knew.

    Love you always ~ Momma ❤️

  2. Absolutely so proud of you!!! Keep up all the amazing things you are doing. I will forever be in your corner. I love you so much!!!

  3. So beyond proud of u!!!!
    You are a true inspiration
    Ur unique ways and style show the true definition of being yourself
    We are very lucky to have you at VOH
    As well In my life ♥️

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