This is recovery: Jenny

As part of a campaign to fight stigma, Voices of Hope is sharing stories of real people in our recovery community. Today, Jenny has stepped forward. Thank you, Jenny!

In December of 2012 I was offered help. I was full of shame, hate, and lies, and I was seriously confused. I didn’t know what exactly my problem was, but it became clear that alcohol was a big part of it. I entered an outpatient addiction recovery program and took some advice from a counselor. “GET INTO IT! ” he said, “give this a real good try and see if it works for you.” I stayed with that outpatient program for six months.

From there I continued my recovery from alcoholism with the help of a 12 step program. I studied the literature, attended 2-3 meetings a week, and worked the 12 steps. I met people just like me, drank the way I did, and got well. These new sober friends lived a life like I wanted to have. I let them lead me. I also saw a therapist for about a year to work though specific mental health issues that I feel contributed to my alcohol addiction. 

Today I have my family, marvelous friends, and a calm, loving home. I no longer hate myself and others – I feel like I belong. I have relationships with depth and compassion, the exact kinds of relationships that I craved all those drinking days but could never achieve in active addiction. I’m an honest person today, with healthy practices and a generous attitude. I GOT INTO IT! 

Over the years in recovery, my spiritual interests swayed toward meditation and Buddhism so in 2018 I started a Buddhist recovery sangha in Cecil County. Sobriety gave me a second chance. I’m now 8 years sober and I’ve become the person I always wanted to be. 

To hear Jenny talk about Recovery Dharma listen in here to her guest appearance on Recovery (Sort Of)

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