This is recovery: Bud

Voices of Hope is sharing real stories of real people in recovery as part of a campaign against stigma. Bud is part of the foundation of long term recovery in our community. Thank you, Bud, for being a face and voice of recovery to pave the way for others following your path!

On May 15, 1984, I stumbled into a recovery clubhouse in Edgewood, MD. I had been living outdoors for 18 months, using every day and was down to 130lbs. I was in withdrawal and my overall health was terrible and I was convinced that I was near death. The people that I reached out to that day were all in recovery. They never asked me for anything, just how they could help.  They showed me what they had done for their own recovery, and they supported my efforts to follow in their footsteps.  Through the 12 step program that has become part of my daily existence, I have had a whole new life. I was able to pursue many dreams and goals that would never have been possible when using. A huge part of my  recovery has been helping others to attain their own recovery from addiction and the pain and despair that comes with it.  Being a part of other’s success is one of the best therapies and feelings I know. I owe a huge debt to those who reached out to me when I was finally ready to do something about my addiction. I repay that debt by helping the next struggling addict.

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