A few months ago, Brittany and her boyfriend, Michael, were participants in our Syringe Services Program and recipients of Wound Care. Due to wounds caused by injecting into her hands, the Wound Care team prepared Brittany for the possibility of losing her hand through medical amputation. Brittany choses to seek treatment instead. Our Harm Reduction Supervisor, Jerah Griffith, recently ran into them at a 12-step Convention in Baltimore. Both were happy to report that they have been in Recovery for the past few months, and residing in separate recovery houses in Baltimore County.

When Jerah celebrated her two year anniversary, Brittany talked about the hope that Voices provided to her when she did not have any. Brittany is currently the House Manager of her recovery house. She and Michael are both employed, and her wounds have healed. To this day, Brittany and Michael remain in contact with Peer Recovery Specialists at Voices of Hope.

This is an example of a success story that happens every week at Voices of Hope. Through compassionate relationships with people who care, individuals can find the hope and inspiration to make healthy choices and change the trajectory of their lives in recovery.