Position Title: 2nd Shift Cecil Community Recovery Center Peer Recovery Specialist
Reports Directly To: Recovery Center Manager
Reports Indirectly To: Chief Operations Officer
409 West Pulaski Hwy Elkton Maryland 21921
Approved Date: Oct. 1, 2021
Pay Range: $16 – $18 per hour plus 10% shift differential ($17.60 – $19.80), depending on
experience and CPRS Certification status, holiday pay at time and a half. Benefits include
health insurance stipend, dental, short term disability and life insurance. 4:30 pm – 1:00 am,
Friday through Tuesday

SUMMARY: Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (preferred) will provide engagement with people
who are actively using drugs, people in recovery and family members at the Cecil Community
Recovery Center at 409 W. Pulaski Hwy. The Peer will provide appropriate engagement with
individuals using the stages of change and stages of recovery framework. Peer will provide
support for recovery planning by telephone and in person to groups of people new in recovery,
including connecting participants to the local recovery community. The successful candidate will
have experience with an active personal recovery plan and relationships with those in various
recovery pathways in the community. Understanding the importance of being a team player and
understanding of ethical considerations of Peer Recovery Specialists is a must.

Peers are responsible to support individuals and families seeking help for substance use
disorders. They do this by text, telephone and in-person. Peers are trained to provide ethical
relationships with the people who reach out and engage with Voices of Hope. Peers are to be
trained to be knowledgeable about the treatment and recovery support resources of Cecil
County and the surrounding area. They utilize motivational interviewing to allow an individual to
express what they need to help themselves. They must be trained in the required data
collection procedures for referrals and recovery support engagements. Peers are responsible
for follow up phone calls and understanding how to access information about an individual’s
recovery plan. Peers support recovery planning and help an individual to access what
resources are available to execute the plan. Peers provide non-judgemental support when the
initial plan may not work and know how to engage with motivational interviewing to develop
secondary plans. Peers will notify the Peer Supervisor with any concerns or transportation
needs. Peers will call assigned participants to offer friendly support and document
engagement. Peers are required to attend VoH Staff Meetings unless excused by the Peer
Supervisor. Failure to attend staff meetings or group supervision without excuse will be cause
for discipline or termination. Peers represent recovery and Voices of Hope in the professional
and general community, they set the expectation of respect and dignity for those we serve.
Peers must achieve the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist credential within the first 2 years of
employment for part time, 1 year for full time. Peers must review, understand and follow VoH
Ethical Standards and the standards of the Credential. Each Peer must have a WRAP for Work
plan reviewed with Supervisor and on file within the first month of employment. This plan will be
reviewed at each individual supervision scheduled with the Supervisor.


  1. Provide 1:1 Peer Recovery Support to individuals with behavioral health disorder in person
    and on phone.
  2. Ability to utilize Motivational Interviewing to identify stage of change with participants.
  3. Engage with individuals seeking SUD treatment, offer all available resources and pathways
    of treatment and help individuals access treatment of their choice.
  4. Support individuals to create a Recovery Plan, identifying goals that are important to the
  5. Support individuals to create a Recovery Transportation Plan, identifying barriers to ongoing
    treatment and/or recovery supports.
  6. Facilitate referrals to treatment, health care, Care Coordinators, recovery supports and
    other community providers.
  7. Communicate professionally internally and externally through email and phone.
  8. Work with a team for quality service delivery and improvement.
  9. Complete data collection using paper and electronic forms.
    10.Connect individuals with the recovery community and community services.
  10. Present recovery story in a professional manner, advocate for issues important to the
    recovery community.


  1. Valid Driver’s License
  2. Must pass a pre employment drug screen


  1. Must have a minimum of 2 years of verified behavioral health recovery
  2. Must have a high school diploma or GED.

– Valid Driver’s license
– Must be a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist within 6 months of employment

Please send your cover letter and recovery resume to voicesofhope414@gmail.com today!