Voices of Hope, Inc. – Elkton, MD 21921

Position Title: Part Time Harm Reduction Peer Recovery Specialist

Reports Directly To: Cecil Harm Reduction Lead Reports

Indirectly To: Chief Operations Officer

Location: 411 West Pulaski Hwy Cecil Harm Reduction House

Pay Range: $16 – $19 per hour depending on experience and CPRS Certification status. Hours and days will vary, Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (preferred) will provide recovery support services to individuals who are in active use on outreach walks, at fixed site (411 W. Pulaski Hwy.) and through home deliveries of harm reduction supplies. Peer will engage with individuals as appropriate to the stage of change identified, using a trauma informed care approach. Peer will be knowledgeable about local health care, treatment and human services resources and be able to provide referrals. Peer will collect data using paper and electronic forms. The ideal candidate will have a strong recovery foundation and contribute to a positive and healing environment with co-workers. Peer will be trained in all programs available at VoH to provide referrals. Harm Reduction Peers at Voices of Hope through employment or volunteer status must all follow the same Voices of Hope Ethical Agreement. The Ethical Agreement serves as a tool for individuals not to cause harm to the organization, co-workers or individuals served and must be signed upon hiring or volunteer status. The Harm Reduction Peer Specialist plays a vital role in assisting individuals with practical strategies and ideas aimed to reduce potentially negative and harmful consequences for individuals who use substances or engage in risky behaviors. The Harm Reduction Peer Recovery Specialist will be responsible for community education engagement and must be well informed on the current trends and education regarding Harm Reduction strategies on an ongoing basis. The peer specialist will be trained to become a Certified Narcan Train-the-Trainer and must be very knowledgeable about Overdose Prevention and tips and comfortable with training individuals who use drugs in the community as well as the community itself. The Harm Reduction Peer Recovery Specialist will be required to sign up for weekly outreach walks in some of the most vulnerable communities affected by overdose. The peer recovery specialist will be required to treat each individual with a trauma informed care approach and have knowledge of all pathways of recovery through taking Recovery Coach Academy. The Peer Recovery Specialist will be responsible for following all Harm Reduction outreach policies and protocols and will follow protocols with warm handoffs to the Crisis services team for treatment coordination when applicable.


1. The Harm Reduction Peer Recovery Specialist will be required to sign up for weekly outreach walks in some of the most vulnerable communities affected by overdose.

2. Participate in Homeless Outreach as assigned by the supervisor.

3. Attend monthly Hope Street/Harm Reduction meetings.

4. Accurate and timely completion of data entry.

5. Communication for this position is a must.


1. Must be familiar with Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing and Active Listening.

2. CCAR RCA within 60 days of hire (Voices will provide)

3. Attend Voices of Hope volunteer orientation

4. Attend Voices of Hope Narcan Train the Trainer

5. Valid Driver’s License

6. Must pass a pre employment drug screen


1. Lived experience with substance use.

2. CCAR RCA within 60 days of hire (Voices will provide)

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representative of those necessary of an employee for the successful performance of the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations are considered to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions, per ADA Guidelines. This list is not exhaustive. The job functions of this position require that the Peer Recovery Specialist to be in the outdoors as needed in all weather including but not limited to rain, snow sleet, high wind, cold, heat, and may be exposed to biting and/or stinging insects to include but not limited to ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, flies and bees. Extensive walking and standing is required of this position to participate in community events and outreach activities.

VoH is a community of recovery positive people – inclusive and supportive of each other, even if we are on different pathways. Diversity is welcomed!

Job Type: Part-time

Please send your resume to voicesofhope414@gmail.com.