Lives are being saved through the use of Narcan throughout our community.  Narcan, or Naloxone, is medicine that can be given to anyone who may be experiencing an overdose of opiates such as heroin, methadone, oxycontin, fentanyl and others.  You can be trained and equipped with Narcan so you can be prepared to save a life.  This medicine is given through a spray in the nostrils.  Sometimes, it is given through a shot.

People at higher risk of an overdose are those who are currently taking prescription opioids, those with substance use disorders, individuals who have recently been released from an inpatient treatment facility or correctional institution and individuals who have overdosed before.  If you feel that you encounter individuals who are taking opioids or have friends or family members who are struggling with substance use, you can empower yourself to save a life by taking Narcan training and getting equipped with this medication.

You will see many Voices of Hope events that include Narcan Training.  Training is free, along with medicine that you can take with you.  If you or your organization is in need of group Narcan training, call us to schedule at (443) 993-7055.  If you are in position to train people who use drugs or their families, please consider becoming a Voices of Hope Narcan Trainer by signing up to one of our free Train the Trainer classes.