Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialists at Voices of Hope

Are you in recovery and ready to start a career in the health care profession? The Opioid Workforce Innovation Fund has awarded VoH funding to support 20 individuals to receive the training, supervision and internship required to earn the Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialist credential. Peer Recovery Specialists are part of an evidence based approach to engage with individuals struggling with, or in recovery from, substance use disorder. Peers are a growing workforce that incorporates trauma-informed care, professional training and your personal experience to support others looking to find, or maintain, long term recovery. Peers are employed by hospitals, treatment providers, criminal justice settings, public health and in community based organizations like Voices of Hope! If you are wondering if this is the right move to make, right now, please call us at (443) 993-7055 and speak with our Vocational Peer Recovery Specialist today!

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