‘Hooked on Hope’ Crochet Fundraiser at Voices of Hope’s Cecil Center!

Attendees enjoy the afternoon crocheting “Granny Squares” to create quilts for those without housing and refine their crafting skills!

We are so grateful to our wonderful volunteer Jenny Fonck for organizing our first ever crochet fundraiser – “Hooked on Hope”! Jenny graciously donated the materials, her time, and her crocheting skills to teach the attendees the basics on creating “granny squares”. All proceeds will go directly to Voices of Hope participants emergency needs. This can include purchasing winter clothing, help with an electric bill, or basic needs for those in need.

As the community crochets its way to recovery, Hooked of Hope stands as a shining example of how small acts of kindness, coupled with creativity, can make a significant impact on those in need.

To see what other events are going on at Voices of Hope, or to help volunteer and host a Fundraiser like “Hooked on Hope”, check out our calendar here.

Seasoned volunteer Nancy Duncan gets started on her Granny Square.

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