Harm Reduction Services

If you, or someone you love is using drugs, staying alive and as healthy as possible is a worthy goal while working towards recovery. Harm reduction services help people and communities reduce the harm that comes with regular drug use.

Just like seat belts can protect someone while driving, harm reduction can reduce drug related deaths and serious illness. Voices of Hope offers the following harm reduction services:

  • Narcan Medication and Training – at our place or yours! We train organizations, families and individuals. Narcan reverses an opioid overdose. Every work or home First Aid Kit should include Narcan and we can train you how to use it. Schedule a Narcan Training today, or check out our Events Calendar for one of our regularly scheduled Narcan Trainings.
  • Wound Care – Our Wound Care Nurses provide compassionate care for wounds created from drug use – call (443) 993-7055 for an appointment at your place, in our RV, or at one of our on site locations. Our Wound Care Nurses are ready to help you. For more information about Xylazine, please click here.
  • Syringe Services – Stop by for safe use supplies, connections to HIV and Hep C testing and treatment, safer sex tools, education and resources. Our Peers meet individuals where they are at, or on-site to provide safe supplies and peer support. Call (443) 993-7055 option 2 for deliveries/pick up.
  • Syringe Clean Up and Disposal – for one syringe or a thousand, Voices of Hope will clean up at any location and safely dispose of syringes. We can also provide bulk syringe containers that we will pick up when full.
  • Hope Street Outreach – Our trained Peer Recovery Specialists engage in outreach services throughout different areas of the community every day of the week. For an updated schedule of our outreach walks, please call (443) 93-7055 option 2.
  • Rapid Hep-C Testing – Voices of Hope offers Rapid Testing in-house at all of our locations. Our Peers can link you to care if necessary and help you find treatment that works for you, while also helping break down the barriers to finding proper treatment.
  • RAD Testing – Our RAD Program, or Rapid Analysis of Drug Testing Program, was developed to educate individuals who engage in our services on the rapidly changing landscape of adulterants found in the drug supply in Cecil and Harford counties. Our RAD board displays the results, so you know what to avoid.
  • Education – Voices of Hope can offer resources and education on how to reduce harm associated with drug use. You can speak to a peer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year who can give you harm reduction tips and offer peer support.

At Voices of Hope, we are committed to harm reduction principles and we believe in meeting people where they are without judgment. Our goal is to promote health equity, reduce the spread of infectious diseases, and support individuals on their journey towards wellness. We believe that everyone is deserving of respect, empathy, and understanding, and we know that helping them stay alive and healthy is their best shot at finding lasting recovery.

Want information about Xylazine? Click here.

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