Grateful for Recovery!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Voices of Hope!  We pray that you are well, that your loved ones are safe and you look forward to another good day.  Thanksgiving gives an opportunity to count our blessings and we are grateful for you, our supporters, who believe that recovery is possible.  You invest in the solution.  We are grateful for our volunteers who carry the message that no addict need ever die.  Volunteers, like Tonya, show up, reach out and give the hope that anyone has the power to change their own lives if given information, resources and support.  Our volunteers give time, talent and passion – we know that freedom is possible and we want to share it with families and those who still suffer.  We know that Cecil County can become a place that fosters recovery, making it a better place to live for our neighbors, families and children.   If you, or a family member, need help finding treatment or recovery support, reach out through our Facebook page or call us (443) 993-7055.  We are here for you.


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