Full Spectrum of Services at Voices of Hope

Today we celebrate the recovery journey of Brian F. He is the evidence that the full spectrum of services provided by Voices of Hope WORKS. Here is his story:

“I started my recovery path with Voices of Hope with the outreach team coming through the woods where I stayed in. They told me when I was ready they would help me get in a program. I reached out finally and they helped me get into a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). While in the program, I reached out again because I needed a recovery house to go to and didn’t know what to do. That’s when I was told they just opened a men’s recovery home in Cecil County. I was accepted into the program and started to learn about how to recover. From attending meetings and one on one talks with my Peer, the house showed me that recovery is possible with building up a network and working a 12-step program. Honestly, I’m very grateful for the Voices of Hope recovery house program and the recovery house supervisor of the program who showed and taught me so much from her own experience, strength and hope. I’ve made a family from being a resident in the home. It helped me build a solid network and foundation for which I stand on now as I enter an Oxford house which the recovery house supervisor helped me with. So a very big thank you to Jenn for everything and Voices of Hope for showing me recovery is possible!”

Brian came out of the woods, entered treatment and then a recovery house. He now has a dependable job, is visiting with his son and is a valued member of the recovery community. Voices of Hope engagement with people who use drugs provides hope and a way out. When people are ready to start the road of recovery, they know where to turn.

Thank you for our supporters who understand that Harm Reduction is part of the Stages of Change. Compassionate engagement can inspire the hopeless that all lives are worthwhile and worth changing!

Rock on Brian! Please know that Voices of Hope always has your back.

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