Expungement Clinic Held at Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope partnered with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender to hold a free Expungement Clinic on April 17th.

Over 30 individuals were able to meet with Cecil Count Public Defenders and complete the legal process of filing for expungement. The event provided attendees with invaluable resources and guidance on the expungement process, enabling them to navigate the complex legal procedures with confidence. Legal professionals offered one-on-one consultations, reviewing individual cases and providing personalized advice on eligibility and next steps. Staff and volunteers assisted with paperwork, alleviating the bureaucratic burden often associated with expungement. Attendees were connected with additional peer support services, including peer support and resource navigation offered by the staff at Voices of Hope. By addressing the underlying challenges faced by individuals with criminal records, the event fostered a supportive environment conducive to long-term rehabilitation and community reintegration.

A criminal record should not be a barrier to achieving lasting recovery. We want to extend our gratitude to the Maryland Office of the Public Defender for making this event possible and giving attendees a chance at a better future.

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