COVID-19, Voices of Hope and Overdose Prevention

Our Staff has worked tirelessly in preparation for COVID-19.  After much discussion between our staff and Peers it has been decided that, at this time, our mission will continue.  Unfortunately the disease of addiction does not practice social distancing.  Regardless of this pandemic the people we serve need us.  Our community is still ravaged and people are still dying.  

Presently, all recommendations from the CDC and our local Health Department have been implemented.  We have been speaking with the Maryland Department of Health and our local Health Department representatives almost daily.  At our Main Office and the Recovery Community Center you will find the door locked and a notice on the door outlining how to contact our Peers. Any person needing face to face contact will be triaged outside for symptoms and possible exposure before they enter our buildings.  All community meetings at the Recovery Community Center have been cancelled until further notice.  Online meetings are being set up to keep people connected. Please see our calendar or Facebook page for current links.

Our Hope Street Teams will continue their work in the community while practicing social distancing and proper hygiene.  At this time, we have suspended our homeless outreach at the Mary Randall Center, the Paris Foundation and Nicanor.  Information has been given to them about our Peer hotline.  Peers are answering the phones 24/7 to provide recovery support and treatment connections during this time.  Narcan will still be available through creative delivery.  Please share with your networks that Voices of Hope is operational and to call (443) 993-7055 for services.

All staff and volunteers have been advised to stay home if they feel ill or have come in contact with someone who is sick and could possibly have the virus.  Also, if they have an at risk family members to be proactive and stay home as well. 

This is a fluid situation and our staff is staying up to date with all recommendations of the CDC.  We will update as things change.

Stay safe and love one another. 

Karli Secor, Board President

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