We are excited to announce that we now operate 2 Recovery Houses in Elkton, Maryland. Due to the need for sober, structured living for people new in recovery, VoH purchased 2 houses that were formally Your Choice Sober Living. This allows recovery supports to continue after someone has completed inpatient treatment or is currently in outpatient treatment. VoH Recovery Houses provides a recovery supportive environment with wrap-around services such as recovery planning, family reunification programming, employment supports and transportation assistance. The goal is to help people in recovery to stabilize and build a new recovery foundation in the community. For years, VoH has performed fundraisers and received donations to support individuals with the entry fee and rent for the first week or two of their stay in local recovery houses. We will continue to provide that support to those who qualify, even if they do not stay at a VoH Recovery House. VoH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization who is focused on supporting individuals with behavioral health disorders to stay alive and overcome barriers to long term recovery.

We need your help! There are many items that are needed for each person who arrives at the house. If you can donate anything from this Amazon wishlist, it will help a lot: VoH Recovery Houses Wish List.

Each house has bedrooms that need painting, lighting, beds and dressers. If you, your family, or your organization would like to sponsor a bedroom, please fill out this form. You may decorate the room in any way you feel would be recovery supportive! In exchange, we will install a plaque on the door with your organization’s name or “In Memory Of” designation. Thank you for supporting recovering people in this meaningful way!

We will be hosting an open house event in the months to come that will be announced.