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Recovery lasts a lifetime. Treatment doesn’t have to.




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Our goal is to help those suffering from addiction to reclaim their lives.

Our treatment combines evidence based medication and professional counseling together with a Peer environment while addressing general health wellness and connecting with community resources.

Community Recovery Health Services at CCRC in Elkton offers:

  • Medications to treat addiction: Methadone, suboxone
  • Medications to assist with withdrawal symptoms
  • Health Home coordination of health care needs
  • Substance Use counseling and Peer Recovery Supports for individualized, person centered recovery

The Cecil Community Recovery Center offers wrap around services to individuals seeking recovery. Most of these services are provided by Peer Recovery Specialists. When someone is seeking treatment navigation services, VoH offers referrals, transportation and recovery planning services. Those seeking medication to treat addiction will be offered all the local treatment options to find the best fit for what will work in their lives. As one option, Community Recovery Health Services at CCRC offers person-centered, individualized and low barrier methadone and suboxone treatment. Treatment at CCRC involves Peer Support and recovery planning. Whether it is medication for treatment, or assistance in getting stabilization before transitioning into an inpatient or alternative level of care, clinicians at CCRC are focused on the needs of each individual. Peers help individuals stay engaged with treatment and their own recovery goals.

CCRC also offers Health Home services. A Health Home is not a residential program or nursing home. A Health Home helps an individual manage their care to improve overall wellness. Health Homes help individuals to make appointments and connect to primary care and speciality providers. A Health Home can support a family in getting services for a child. Health Homes use a whole-person approach to care. If you need other levels of care, such as inpatient treatment or into a hospital, our Health Home provider will keep in contact with you and your other providers. We will make sure your needs are met, especially when your health care needs change. Health Homes offer information, training, and support specific to your unique needs to address chronic health challenges, if you have them.

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Recovery lasts a lifetime. Treatment doesn’t have to.

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