Position Title: 2nd Shift Cecil Community Recovery Center Peer Recovery Specialist

Reports Directly To: Recovery Center Manager, Assistant Recovery Center Manager

Reports Indirectly To: Chief Operations Officer

Pay Range: $19 – $22 per hour

Voices of Hope (VoH) is a peer-run nonprofit recovery community organization that serves Cecil and Harford Counties in Maryland. We are hiring Peers for Cecil and Harford Counties. Peers are people with substantial experience with substance use recovery. VoH Peers support individuals in chaotic drug use, those preparing for change, those seeking treatment and those in recovery. Using motivational interviewing, Peers engage with people who use drugs to help support and sustain self-directed change. All Peers must have at least 2 years verifiable recovery.

Peers are responsible to support individuals and families seeking help for substance use disorders. They do this by text, telephone and in-person. Peers are trained to provide ethical relationships with the people who reach out and engage with Voices of Hope. Peers are to be trained to be knowledgeable about the treatment and recovery support resources of the surrounding area. Peers play a vital role in assisting individuals with practical strategies and ideas aimed to reduce potentially negative and harmful consequences of using substances or engaging in risky behaviors. Peers are also responsible for community engagement and must be well informed on the current trends and education regarding Harm Reduction strategies on an ongoing basis. Peers are trained to be a Certified Narcan Train the Trainer and must be fluent in Overdose Prevention, comfortable with training individuals who use drugs in the community as well as the community itself. The Peer may be required to sign up for weekly outreach walks in some of the most vulnerable communities affected by overdose. The Peer will be required to treat each individual with a trauma informed care approach and have knowledge of all pathways of recovery through completion of Recovery Coach Academy.


1. Provide 1:1 Peer Recovery Support to individuals with behavioral health disorder in person

and on the phone.

2. Ability to utilize Motivational Interviewing to identify stages of change with participants.

3. Engage with individuals seeking SUD treatment, offer all available resources and pathways

of treatment and help individuals access treatment of their choice.

4. Support individuals to create a Recovery Plan, identifying goals that are important to the


5. Support individuals to create a Recovery Transportation Plan, identifying barriers to ongoing

treatment and/or recovery supports.

6. Facilitate referrals to treatment, health care, Care Coordinators, recovery supports and

other community providers.

7. Communicate professionally internally and externally through email and phone.

8. Responsible for accurate data collection and communication between shifts.

9. Complete data collection using paper and electronic forms.

10.  Work with a team for quality service delivery and improvement.

11.Connect individuals with the recovery community and community services.

12. Present recovery story in a professional manner, advocate for issues important to the

recovery community.

13. Provide Peer Support and address basic needs of participants preparing to go into treatment.

14. Understand chain of command, as well as  how and when to use it.

15. Learn and understand Peer Professionalism.

16. Demonstrate ability to keep and use calendar/schedule, including keeping commitments.

17. Desire and willingness to learn, participate in training, and achieve personal and professional growth.


1. Valid Driver’s License

2. Must pass a pre employment drug screen

3. Must be able to walk, including stairs


1. Be in the process of change to improve their health and wellness (Recovery)

2. Understand and practice PRS Ethical Guidelines


1. Must have a minimum of 1 year of verified behavioral health recovery

2. Must have a high school diploma or GED


Valid Driver’s license

Must be a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist within 6 months of employment

Please send all resumes and cover letters to voicesofhope414@gmail.com .